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Originally Posted by RoreyG View Post
Question: What's the position on getting TMs from the Game Corner?

I'm doing a Jurassic Jam Challenge on Leaf Green and I'm confused on this issue. I know we can only use stuff that we can find, but I think I can work this within the rules. You get the Coin Case free in the Celedon Cafe and in the Game Corner, we can find loose coins all over the floor. Would it be possible to play the slots using the coins I found to build up enough tokens to exchange for TMs at the gift shop?
Yeah, that could work out. If you can find a way to work stuff within the rules, do it. Though I have no objections against using the Game Corner for TMs. In fact, I had to use the Game Corner myself in Time Rift Crystal to get Wobbuffet. What I did was buy 50 coins so I can start playing the slots, then played them for the most part then ended with going back to my mom to pick up money for the last bit of them.

So you can use the Game Corners provided that you combine playing the slots with buying coins so you get a bit of both.

In fact, I'll add something about this in the main rules section.

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