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Jake and Lady's puppies are adorable indeed, and I really like the fact how each of them somehow inherits a trait of both Jake and Lady.

As for The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita..
I was kinda surprised at the Ice King last night. He essentially was nothing like his usual self at all! Bubblegum claimed she didn't want him, and he'd leave if she said so (and she did). He then set sail to "find new life", leaving Gunter behind at the Ice Kingdom. Then the Ice King got caught up in a bad thunderstorm, and was knocked out unconscious. He then got onto an island, who was actually a person. The person was a girl, and she was singing about how her boyfriend always puts her behind and rarely visits her. Her boyfriend was none other than Party God! Ice king shared his similar feelings (calling PB his girlfriend) to the talking island, and she (the island) felt it was time to break up with Party God, although she didn't have the confidence to do so... I forget the rest lol
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