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This looks like a cool new challenge for me to do (I've done Nuzlockes, Solos, and Monotypes a LOT), so sign me up.

Username: edwardo999
Game: Red
Mode: Theme Deck
Set: Base Set
Deck: 2-Player Starter Set (It's in the list of Theme Decks. So why not? *shrugs*
Optional Rules: #1, #2, #3 (And my own #4 and #5)
#4 - Allowed all evolutions that appear in the deck. Since Machop, Machoke and Machamp are all in the deck, I am allowed 3 Machops, as long as 2 evolve into Machokes, and only 1 becomes a Machamp. I am not allowed to evolve all 3 into Machamps.
#5 - Allowed all Pokémon from deck in PC and can swap between them. Helps for some of the Trainer cards.

Bill - Have at least two Pokémon in the party at all times.
Energy Removal + Energy Retrieval - After each Gym, I must swap one valid Pokémon in my party for one valid Pokémon in a PC Box (They cannot be the same Pokémon. Only if available.)
Gust of Wind - I must run from all Wild Flying-type Pokémon (They blow me away with a "Gust of Wind")
Pokédex - Only allowed a team of 5 maximum.
Potion - I must buy 2 potions (since there are 2 in the deck) every time I visit a new town/city (If I have the money)
Switch - I must swap out my Pokémon when asked by the game.

Since the Dratini card has the move Pound, yet in-game, Dratini does not learn this, am I allowed to hack it so Dratini learns Pound?
Also, can I hack it so I can actually get a Machamp? I'm emulating it, and cannot trade. :/

Anyways, my HOPEFUL party for the E4 (Swapping with PC may change it...):
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