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Originally Posted by WolfMirage View Post
jw, acording to smogon kingdra only real useful in rain team, do u think it can used succefully outside of rain team, i mean it very well balance and dose not have a wide move pool and only one weakness to boot, i was thinking what if it had subitute and return and u used that that to pass the subitute along to another poke, now i know jotlten is faster for doing this, but on the flip side jotlten is more frail then kingdra
It's useful in manual rain teams. Because Swift Swim + Drizzle is banned in OU, Kingdra also is useful for checking opposing rain teams on a weatherless team, since it takes advantage of the opposing Politoed's Drizzle.

Kingdra also has absolutely no use for Return, since its Water and Dragon STAB moves have good enough neutral coverage already. It also can't learn Baton Pass.