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I've returned from the Void, and I'm ready to roleplay. Here's my alpha SU. I'm sorry if it doesn't sound good at first. This is my first SU in a long time female character
Name: Samantha Rachel Byrd
Nickname(s): Bird
Gender: Female
Age: 15

Appearance: (I'm gonna go basic here. I have a lot to do with personality and history) She's about 5'3, she weighs roughly 120 pounds, she's fit, she has blue eyes, and long blonde hair that reaches down to her waist. Her normal apparel consists of a blue skirt and a matching shirt. I don't know these things. I am a MANLY man....Ehem. Samantha is a Caucasian female.
Personality: Interests, quirks, character traits etc... You probably know the drill.

History: Try to include as much as you can; this and personality are both very important in this RP. Think of any major life events that have occurred to your character and how they have responded to them.
Other: Any other information.

RP Sample: There are two different ways of doing this. You can include a sample from another RP you have participated in (include a link) or you can write a sample as your character discovering they will be attending the Wings program or signing-up themselves. It is preferred that you take the second route, but if posts from other RPs are up to scratch no priority will be given.
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