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Originally Posted by LadyNyx View Post
Gender: Female
Activeness: It really depends. Some days I may be on PC most of the day, others I may not get on at all. Since school's out I'll probably be on quite a bit, but I may just stalk the forums.
Pokemon Partner: Lucario, F, Aurae, Sprite 1. I'll most likely make my own later, I'm on my phone right now, so...
Why: Lucario is my favorite Pokemon second only to Palkia. (Only because Pearl introduced me to Pokemon) Riolu has grown on me as well.
Password: Wave-Guiding Riolu

15israellai: I love that movie! It makes me cry though... I get emotionally attached to the characters then... Yeah...

I love Lupinra by the way. The art is amazing! And I agree with OokamiReki about the staff. The eye on it reminds me of the Eye of Horus. And doesn't Lucario already have Fighting and Steel as its type? If a new type comes up though, I think it would be Dark. Lucario resembles a Jackal and is bipedal, which reminds me of Anubis.

Heheh, excuse my overuse of Egyptian Mythology.
welcome to the club Nyx!!~
u know a lot of Egyptian Mythology. it is very interesting imo :3

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Loooove that movie omg. Do you guys think Lucario was a good choice for a movie to focus on, though? I thought the movie was great and it was a nice break from the constant legendary Pokémon focus (despite the legendary golems and Mew appearing BUT WHATEVER), seeing a Pokémon like Lucario get so much focus was wonderful. I really enjoyed the whole plot ahah.
yeah absolutely.. after watching the movie lucario became one of my fave pokemon <33 it was an awesome movie ♥

Originally Posted by GoldenRayquaza View Post
I want to join.
Gender: Male
Activeness: Normally every day, unless I'm busy or on vacation.
Partner Pokemon: Lucario. Name: Slash. Sprite: Shiny Sprite 1 for now. I might make one when I get off my 3DS.
Why: After playing as Lucario in SSBB, I fell in love with the Lucario/Riolu family.
Password: Wave-guiding Riolu
welcome to the club GR!!~
i hope u have fun here.

time post pics guys~
this club lacks fanart....