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OMG. The Distortion World was what made me go WOAHHHH. Like really! This was one of the reasons why I started Platinum although I had already finished my Pearl version. When I took my first step through that portal, it was amazinggg. Although it was a little confusing at first, the 3D effects in the area made the place seem so new and fresh and quite different from a normal up-down-left-right walking style. Trekking across ceilings and riding down that huge waterfall with the wacky gravity law in effect was really a great experience for me. The disappearing boulders and trees gave a whole mysterious atmosphere to the place, and the puzzles presented with the Lake Guardians that urged the player to push down boulders through holes that were solved with some time and skill made time spent there really interactive and exciting as well. With Giratina watching your every move as you walk, the Distortion World is undeniably one of the best additions to the Pokemon world.
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