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    Thank you for answering my questions.
    I also have the first bit of progress!
    Quite a lot has been done. I am using the speed button on the emulator. xD

    Called myself TCG, and my rival GCT, just because I couldn't be bothered to think of proper names. xD
    Chose Charmander as my starter, obviously, and called him Burnsy.
    Caught myself a level 3 Rattata in Route 1, called him Ratty.
    Trained both my Pokémon up to level 9 and took on my rival in Route 22. Defeated him relatively easily.
    Got to Pewter City with a level 14 Burnsy, and a level 12 Ratty.
    Faced Brock. Burnsy took down his Geodude. Ratty fainted against Onix, so Burnsy finished him off and became lvl 15, and I obtained the BoulderBadge.
    Continued on through Route 3, Mt. Moon, and got to Cerulean with a level 19 Burnsy (now a Charmeleon) and a level 16 Ratty. Bought 2 Potions, as per rulings. Fought Rival and won. Went through Nugget Bridge, and Route 25, to see Bill.
    Faced off against Misty with a level 25 Burnsy, and a level 21 Ratty (Still a Rattata).
    Rattata was defeating Staryu easily enough, but both my Pokémon kept fainting against Starmie. Ratty gained 2 levels just from beating Staryu again, and again, and again. xD
    Eventually, level 23 Ratty was able to finish off Starmie after Burnsy fainted, and I managed to obtain the CascadeBadge.
    Went through the underground tunnel and arrived in Vermillion City. Healed up and bought 2 Super Potions, as my rules state..
    Just about to head off to Diglett's Cave to try and catch my next party member.


    Rattata lvl 24, Ratty
    Tail Whip
    Quick Attack
    Hyper Fang

    Charmeleon lvl 26, Burnsy
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