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    Desus - The Tavern

    Due to the tavern being bare bones and housing only a few individuals seeking shelter from the weather outside, it was more apparent whenever a new face entered, so when Vesper walked in there was a small cease in activities and conversations as curiosity caused those already situated to glance over at the man that had entered. Already by glancing him over they could make some guesses as to what species he was, either an Umbran or a human. It was rare to see humans out of their cities, and they only had one pass through the town just this year alone. However, before the conversations could continue on a few more face popped inside.

    The first was a male Musus who seemed to be looking quite forward to presentation. He timed his entrance just right, causing some of the patrons, including the waiting female, to jump. As he sat on down the female could see that he was brimming with confidence. Yes... he was already causing a positive first impression as she put down her drink. If anything, she could see a kind of innocence in his eyes.

    Yet another popped on in. An Umbran stepped in, and while there had a curious mood in the tavern toward the other two guests, that mood quickly died down with the dark one. The patrons glanced away with the three other Musi quickly getting back into conversation, the lizan waiter went around checking up on the guests but also making sure to keep an eye on the Umbran. The Avian mercenary at his table wasn't actively looking at the Umbran, but he did place a hand upon his sword and gently pulled at the handle just a bit to let a tiny sliver of the blade reveal itself. The younger Avian also placed a hand on his sword, following the example of the one he traveled with.

    As Abraham Soule sat down at the table the female didn't so much as squirm from her seat. Sure the rumor was that if one stared at an Umbran's face their own soul would be sucked out, but who believed such nonsense? They were people just like everyone else in this establishment, and he had even looked out for a child! Nothing wrong with that at all in her book.

    The last to arrive was, surprisingly a human. Once more curiosity caused the patrons to look at the obvious bard. The female smiled as he began to play a small song for the tavern and as he finished he did receive some applause from the three other Musi as well as the younger Avian.

    The female glanced about them, finally deciding what to say. "Well, I must say, I didn't expect such a good turnout. Three of you are quite impressive." She looked right at Narr, "You are quite an interesting one youngling. So full of youth and looking to impress as well as find adventure in this world of ours, no?" She turned to Abraham, "And another who shows compassion despite how cruelly the world can treat his species. A light within the darkness I could say." She smiled at Haze, "And yet we have a human, rare around these parts mind you, who looks to want to share his music with the world. I am glad to have met you three, however." She glanced over at Vesper and quickly pulled out a small pocketbook from her robes and flipped through it. "Let's see... dresses in dark colors, covers himself all over, wears a cowl to hide his face because it looks cool or is supposed to be mysterious, and even doesn't speak a word to anyone but stays as far away from the others. Those signs point to all sorts of bad professions. Let's see... assassin, thief, pickpocket, mobster, backstabber, murderer, I can go on but I won't." She closed the book and placed it back in her robes. "Suffice to say, if you WANT people to think you are thief or such, then go ahead and continue dressing as such, if however you want to, I don't know, SURPRISE THEM, then perhaps dress differently."

    She coughed lightly and drank down some more water. "Well, like I was saying, this is a turnout I wasn't expecting, I'll make this quick and simple for you all. About two weeks ago goblins began to appear around town. What they have been doing is attacking the town. We managed to repel the first night, but every two nights the goblins come and wreck havoc on our buildings, cattle and crops. It is devastating our community, we barely have food that could last us one more week. We are unsure as to why the goblins attack us and so we sent one of the retired warriors in town, Richard, to investigate. He hasn't come back yet and it's been five days. I fear he is captured or worse, dead.

    The goblins have lived for several years besides our village and have never before made a move to attack, so we are uncertain what has set them off like this. Surprisingly, they haven't attacked for the previous three days which makes me fear they are building up some sort of force to come and invade the entire town, I would rather that not happen. Your mission is simple, go to the goblin caves and stop them however you can. I don't care if you kill them all, if you talk them out of it, whatever you wish to do then do it. Also... if you could find Richard... or his remains at least then I will gladly impart another reward onto you. If he is alive, then escort him out of those caves, if he is dead if you could retrieve either his ring or necklace as evidence then I would appreciate it.

    The caves are long and treacherous, and unfortunately we do not have a map of the caves. We do have lanterns we can lend you if you have a need for lights. The caves are very dark and I fear that is how the goblins managed to overtake Richard. That is all the information we have, though if you have need for any supplies or any other information, then please don't hesitate to ask."
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