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Originally Posted by DeltaSalamence View Post
Map Name: Furthen Path
Game: Fire Red (Custom Tiles)
Hack: Pokemon: Legend of Azeon
Comments: I was digging around my files, and found this map. It was the first ones I had ever made, but I decided to implement it in one of my hacks. In the Northwestern corner of the map, there are several trainers. Each gives a reward after beaten. In context, these people are known as the "Campers". Two visible items are found throughout the map, as well as several cleverly hidden items.


Thanks for rating.
Map: Furthen Path
Rating: 9.5/10
Suggestion: Right when I saw your map I thought, "Holy crap this is awesome!" The palette colors all blend together very well and the mountain and grass tiles are very professionally placed. The only thing I saw that bothered me (a little bit), was the sight of a million little rocks all over the mountains. I think the map would be perfect (to me) if some of the rocks were removed. Besides that, amazing map!