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    The quality with these is terrible cause I had to take photos of them with my phone... They're too large to scan at home, so until I can get to a store and scan them, this'll have to do. They were both done in Art class before winter break. I just didn't get them back from my teacher until today.

    This one was titled "Peace". I had like, five seconds to come up with the title, so nyeh... XD I did it with a white chalk pencil, using this as a reference. It was displayed both at my school's art show near the end of the year and at a nearby art gallery along with art done by other students.

    This one doesn't really have a name. Unless you wanna call it Zodiac Sandwich, then nyeh. It has all the animals of the Zodiac in it, plus a cat cause Fruits Basket :3 The point of the project in class was to practice shading with colored pencils. This one was also showed in the school art show, though it didn't make it to the gallery.

    I'm gonna try to organize the gallery a bit more, so people aren't stuck loading a bunch of images when they open a single spoiler.
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