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Well the problem is the fact we are being kicked and muted even when we dont drop them all the time. The rules are arbitrary and terrible. You are failing to see the fact and if i didnt make this obvious and clear before, so ill bold it so you get the point, THE RULES ABOUT THIS ARE HORRIBLE AND NOT A SINGLE MEMBER WHO IS A REGULAR WANTS THEM IN EFFECT. People who dont come on the server regularly really shouldnt have a say tbqh. Sorry if that sounded rude, but we dont want them i cant make it any more clear. Just ask people.

If you are gonna cry and drop your bottle and pacifier (well i mean, the rules hint at this as we are assumed to be tweens) when someone mentions the birds or bee's dont click the following spoiler.


I got muted and warned for making a joke about sex toys

Nica then posted this;

[01:30] ~skylight:

So as you can see, its really arbitrary.

13 year olds are exposed to this on a daily basis and from the above link are clearly "active" in that way. In addition most of us are over the age of 13. Seriously what the hell is this, kindergarden ?

No one agrees with the rules on the server, do i really have to requote myself or nica from earlier posts in this thread ? Everyone thinks the rule are retarded. We dont want an IRC v.2.0. Also when you have your own mods and drivers on the server thinking they are terrible;

[01:30] @Liam Payne: New rules suck
[01:30] @Liam Payne: For serious

(just some more evidence)

You know you are really doing something wrong lol.

Its not harming activity in the slightest. So uhh WHY ARE THEY in effect ? Luke never cared, so once again, why are they in effect now ? Also its really contradictory as wolf said "we arent really associated with pc now and are a separate entity", why go back on this now ?

I could understand if it was 247 but its not. it just seems enforced because of some random. Ive not spoken to a single person who likes them, im being deadly serious.

[02:12] +Zαyn Mαlik: I don't get why now all of a sudden we're trying to eradicate part of what makes this community what it is.
[02:12] +Zαyn Mαlik: It wasn't a problem for 6 years at least
[02:12] +Zαyn Mαlik: why is it a problem now

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