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Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
-No way to clone Pokemon
-No way to speed up breeding
-No way to RNG
-No way to hack check Pokemon
-No way to export PKM files
-No way to quickly display bred Pokemon to a customer
-No way to effectively and quickly check IVs/EVs
No cloning: Don't trade away anything you want to keep. I guess that means fillers.
Breeding: No qualms.
RNG: I'm not going shiny hunting and there go any delusional thoughts about battling.
Hack Check: ugh, not this again. *Goes to ban all events* >.<
PKM files: Would you like an arm and a leg, Nintendo?

Originally Posted by Okazaki~Tomoya View Post
I think this makes this a little fairer to certain individuals.
I mean to me it just makes it feel a little more legitimate. Cloning, RNG etc. It's nice to see it's taking on a more legitimate approach sorry to the RNG fans but thats just my opinion :) never been one for using methods outside the games intended mechanics haha
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