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Well, here's the thing (and don't rip into me elf, I see what you're saying, and I'm not disagreeing with you in any chance, just expressing my opinion), I personally feel that this is a case of people screaming into our ear about the chat and how we don't do much to improve it, whatever, putting a huge amount of pressure on us and having superhuman expectations. Not going to lie, lately the chat hasn't been all that fun, because as happy as I seem to be each and everyday, it feels more like a job (well no ****), and it sucks that we have to discipline our regulars for a simple mention of the birds and bees when honestly, many children of this generation know probably more about the human anatomy than we do currently, just saying.

You see d_a, the very reason that I personally feel that this is going on in the first place is because of various complaints that we've gotten about the topic. It's not complaints to us, it's complaints to the higher staff (I can be wrong about this, though, but just as a safe assumption). And it's because of this that the higher staff have decided to step in, and wanted us to be more stricter about enforcing the rules. Which is fine and dandy and all at first, I guess there's nothing wrong if discussions go TOO far. But how far is too far, really? Is it entirely banned, or...? That line really hasn't been established (as far as I know), and it's because of this that we kick basically on the basis of any mention of the word "sex", in which I personally find is ludicrous.

It's very stressful for me because it's a very tough situation for us staff to be in. On one hand, this is a chat that's for everyone not just for one group. We are a not a clique by any means, we are a battle server that is public for the entirety of PC to use, and that is our purpose. Actually, let me re-word that: our purpose is to have a comfortable environment for all of PC so they can have healthy discussions, and everyone would get along, sing kum ba yah under a fire, roast marshmallows, and then everyone can get along.

...But this doesn't happen. Why is that? Everyone else has a problem with what everyone is discussion. This is turning into some kind of war between our server regulars vs the new people. It shouldn't be the way! We should encourage new people to join our server, and they can discuss whatever they want without any hesitation. This is why I preferred the old rules better when anyone could PM us staff if they were uncomfortable with said discussion, because if they didn't contact us, then that would be their responsibility and we would just run on the assumption that they're okay with it. I'm pretty sure they can make conscious and healthy decisions to what the chat environment should be, so they should communicate with us as far as what kind of environment they'd see best for the server if they don't feel uncomfortable with. And if they want to change the topic, then by all means, they should, just have something to talk about so we avoid being dead. That's really all there is to it.

As staff of the server, it's very stressful for me (I don't know how the other staff feel, I'll let them speak for themselves if they wish) to see people just tackle each other over and over about the topics, and it confuses me at the same time because never before have I ever really saw anything like this, not on any of PC's chat mediums. Not when I was active on PC's IRC, not when I was active on tradechat, none of those things, and yet I'm seeing it here.

In short, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place because our new users make the community what it is today. You regulars were new users at one point in time too, I'm sure you guys wouldn't like it to have your opinion disregarded, so I don't see why we should disregard theirs. At the same time, let them take responsibility for themselves for how the chat should be. If they don't report it, then that is their issue and something that's on their shoulders.

Just thought I'd give my two cents. I'm sorry if this doesn't make much sense, but I'll be more than happy to clarify as necessary. It is just very taxing on me to see the same fights over the same issue every time with exactly no solution towards it (that I see, anyway).

I know I'm not alone

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