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    Hey everyone. I'm Heretostay123, and this is my poetry. We're going to go through my mind, and if you want to back out now, I don't blame you. It is a dark and mysterious place. If you brave my mind, kudos to you! So, anyways, TO THE POETRY!


    So I'm a poet. I knew,
    But I didn't want others to know it,
    So I'm finally gonna show it,
    And if you don't like my material than you can stow it,
    So here we go, on a wild chase through my mind,
    It gets dark but have no fear,
    If you get what I'm saying then the path will be clear,
    Tell me what you think of my stuff,
    And if it's negative I'll have to be tough,
    But it matters not for we all have our opinion,
    Now brave the dark with me and enter my dominion.

    Tarot Poetry


    Rapidash is your card,
    Free and beautiful the beast is,
    Its fire you cannot retard,
    Free and magestic is this beast of the field,
    No matter how hard you try, it will not yield,
    Never let those enemies get you down,
    Be free, be brave, and live life to its fullest extent,
    Run, jump, and live to your heart's content.
    A Gloom I drew for you,
    Though the outside is rough,
    The beauty on the inside is true,
    Don't let the world get you down,
    No need to fret or frown,
    For the world is derogatory and mean,
    Though that matters not,
    For you're perfect with what you've got.
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