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    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    That's a lot of long grass lol.

    Nah, it's looking good... Well done... A couple things.

    Why is the blue building not aligned properly... In fact, it seems the lab building isn't aligned properly either... It needs sorting.
    The city has more things in it I hope (trees, bushes, flowers... Trash! Something).
    The road path needs to end earlier on the south part to have a "curb" to it.
    The road path needs to end earlier on the east part to fit better with the map.
    I noticed the road and all the other stuff but since we are in idea phase and alpha stage, we make the maps a little bit superficial so we can see how it will come along, then we add design elements and other stuff.
    Also the first town I wanted to be different by adding a lot of things in it, but we might scrap it and make a new one from the ground up......
    Also the game is coming very slow since we do not have scripting skills at ALL! So please someone who can help us, PM me....
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