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People need to stop name dropping me so I don't have to get in these debates. Also I'm too tired to make anything relatively coherent so you're getting bullet points:
  • Yes, I think the new rule is dumb. I think the fact that people chose to go to HStaff instead of just reading the server rules that clearly stated you could PM us to change the subject is dumb. But that's in the past, so I'm over it.
  • Yes, we have to follow PC's rules. No, I don't personally love it. We haven't really for 5 or 6 years, so the sudden change is just weird I guess since we've always been affiliated (minus the linking in the header).
  • No, we shouldn't break off. That'd be really really dumb.
  • Wolf's suggestion for a seperate channel: 10/10 would vote for again. Seriously, everyone gets what they want, and it's enter at your own risk. If you don't like the content there...don't go there. Pretty simple.
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