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    Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
    Does anyone care to explain how Zangoose and Seviper managed to battle side by side without tearing at each others throats? I thought their rivalry always came from natural instinct.

    This was a good episode though. Not the most exciting one, but it was good. I liked having N around again and I'm really glad he'll be joining the group for awhile. I look forward to seeing how he learns from Ash and Co about their kind of bond between Pokémon and battling as well as Ash and the gang learning from N.

    Side note: It was nice seeing a plot revolve around the likes of Team Plasma alone without any interference from Team Rocket.

    Seems like in Unova everything is washed out from the past. I myself was expecting both of them to fight with each other when they poped out from the balls but..........

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