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Black 2 Unova Adventure Part VI - The Finale

Tim has traveled far and worked hard. His team had been groomed for greatness and now was the time. After beating all 8 Unova Official Gym Leaders, forcing Plasma to retreat and defeating Kyurem he was standing at the foot of Victory Road.

Realizing that his team was not as strong as it could be. Tim went into the wilderness, training his Pokémon hard. After 2 days he returned from the wild and stepped into the cave that was Victory Road. Battling many trainers who sought the same goal, he finally emerged at the exit. But not before his friend and rival Ben appeared, issuing one last challenge.

The battle was quick and Tim came out on top. Ben, wishing Tim good luck in his conflict against the Elite Four left and returned home.

Tim climbed the steps of the Elite Four, bought items and entered the League's Challenge Platform.

Starting with Grimsely, Leavanny was Tim's go to Pokémon, next was Caitlin with which Tim chose Krookadile, after beating Caitlin into dust, Tim battled Marshal using his Unfezant. Finally Shantel was his last battle. This member gave him more trouble than the others but was still easily bested.

Tim teleported back to the platform and opened the path to the Champion.

Walking up the grand staircase he finally saw the Champion with his own eyes, always knowing that it would be Iris the battle commenced and Tim did away with Iris easily with a combination of his Haxorus, Golduck and Leavanny.

In the end Tim laughed as Iris was beaten. His dream came true, hating Iris so much he was elated to beat her and went into the Hall of Fame room with gusto.

After many days, his journey was complete. Tim made a name for himself in Unova and the bond with his Pokémon was strong and always would be.

Tim was now the Unova Champion!




OOC (out of character) Notes: I beat the Elite Four and champion in one go. :D

My Pokémon entered at Level 62 and exited with the strongest level being 64.

Champion Team