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    This sounds really awesome! I've read all five of the GoT books, so this'll be interesting

    Full name: Rodrick Mason
    Age: 37
    Allegiance: The Forest Kingdom
    Position: Main Guard
    Appearance: Rodrick stands at a rough 6'7, a tall being. He is bald, having shaved his hair for combat purposes. His face in general is chiseled like a fine statue. He has deep green eyes that tend to "reflect" the sea of leaves. He is well muscled, and is very strong. Mason is one of the strongest people in the Forest Kingdom, which has contributed to his position as main guard. He normally wears a light leather breastplate, making movement easy. He has leather gauntlets, greaves, and when the time calls for it, a leather helmet. He prefers leather over steel mainly because it makes him more agile and stealthy, a key component when guarding a princess. Across his breastplate is the leaf of the Forest Kingdom. He usually has a bow slung across his back, as well as a sword sheath and buckler shield. His quiver of arrows is strapped to his thigh.

    History: Rodrick was born in a small corner of the kingdom, pretty remote compared to the rest of the world. His family raised him to be a farmer, and as time passed, he became stronger and stronger. At the age of 15, he discovered a Croagunk hunting within his families crop field. He quickly befriended the pokemon and trained with it, as he took an interest in its fighting. After five years of intense training, they were both powerful and agile. The pair often went hunting to provide food for the family. One time on a hunting trip, they came across a band of rangers. The rangers took them to the princess for poaching, but she quickly excused them in return for service in the army. He quickly rose through the ranks and became the Princess Erika's main guard, after showing his prowess in a tournament. He has been serving the princess ever since. Khan evolved a few years after he joined the army. He spent his years as the Queen's guard watching her door when she slept, when she ate, when she bathed, and when she had meetings. He ate everything she ate to make sure it wasn't poisoned. He fought in her honor when required. He never slept until he was sure Erika was safe. He felt a love for Queen Erika, though he isn't sure if he was in love, or if he felt like a father. Either way, he would gladly die for her.

    Pokémon partner
    Species: Toxicroak. A.K.A Khan
    Appearance: Khan looks like a normal Toxicroak, but he wears a surcoat with a leaf emblazoned on it, standing for the Forest Kingdom. He has steel gauntlets with holes for his fist-spikes. Other than that, he is normal.
    Estimated level: 50
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