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    can i join?

    NAME: hiinotama
    PARDNERS: Scott the Zigzagoon and Chief the Kecleon.
    WHY JOIN? i didn't want to join at first, but after checking the top post and looking through the NORMALtype Pokémon, i realised there's actually so many of them i absolutely adore. so i had no choice. my favourite Pokémon are always the ones that stand out. and in a way, to me, the NORMALtype stands out exactly because of what it's supposed to be; normal. it's the only type that doesn't really specify what it's about.

    current topic: NORMALtype CHARACTERISTICS? WOULD-BE NORMALtypes?
    like others remarked already, i think what characterizes a NORMALtype would be the fact they're often directly based off real-life animals. for that reason, to make them truly into a Pokémon rather than just an anime-ified animal, they have other quirks that make them 'supernatural'. other types have their typing itself as this quirk, and i think this is what makes NORMALtypes so much fun; they're completely themselves, and don't have anything they need to 'live up to'.
    apart from that, obviously a big characteristic of NORMALtypes is that their attacks are not super-effective to any other type, yet they do have one weakness and one immunity. again, this makes the typing itself very 'simple', exactly because they don't have such a wide scala of (non-)effectiveness.
    right now i can't think of any Pokémon that should be NORMALtyped, but i'll get back to you if i do.

    sorry if i rambled.
    -- i don't need promises.