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Originally Posted by Blubberchomp
I have said in the past that the battle server and BC are separate entities with their own different communities, but that's irrelevant to this discussion.
Of course it's relevant. A strict ban on mature content (however immaturely it may be expressed) is inconsistent with the policy the battling community has always had. I feel like D_A and myself, by far the longest tenured S&Mers here, find the ban especially ridiculous. Maybe that's not a coincidence? S&M always had the freedom to shrug off PC's onerous "heaven forbid some ten-year-old who is a few clicks away from much worse content and who probably hears swearing every day at school be exposed to it on the freaking internet" burden. It seems to me like the idea behind disassociation is that the server's association with PC is a burden if that is no longer the case, which suggests that the server has always had its own identity and imposing the values of the rest of the forum ultimately lacks legitimacy with the remnants of the battling community. (Disassociation is a horrible idea though, uhhhh we're all from PC aren't we? And just like the username thing this issue is quite trivial and pointless. I totally get the principle behind it though.)

If the hint isn't explicit enough, what I'm getting that is that maybe it's a bad idea entirely that people who build teams, ladder, and, uh, care about Pokemon share the same server as people who seem to primarily care about changing their usernames and their respective colors? I know, I know: PC doesn't really have a battling community anymore. Maybe these circumstances have something to do with it? Just because I don't want to be blowing hot air here, my "evidence" for what I'm saying is just my own experience. When I started battling again, I naturally popped back up, albeit rather infrequently, to PC and its server, but the only person who seemed willing to actually have a battle was (I'm sure this is a coincidence too!!!!) my former S&M mod partner D_A! I have basically stopped playing since not only do I have no friends to play with but there is NO prospect of that improving. I think it's a joke and a travesty that someone actively looking to battle (and the former server and forum mod, no less) literally has to go elsewhere to find even a low level battle. If Showdown is becoming the new IRC or whatever then fine, but can S&M at least have a place where its own community can gather again, reestablish its existence, and govern itself? If they're two different communities as you said, shouldn't they not have to convene in the same place? If the official response to a post like this is "what do you expect?" then maybe we have a disconnect.
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