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Day 28 - The hardest boss fight(s) you've ever been in

Well I hardly ever beat any vidya, so it's hard bosses really don't come around to often for me. I suppose Ruby Weapon from Final Fantasy VII would count even though I personally never beat him (and their are harder FF bosses, I just never reached them myself). I'd have to say that some of the MGS bosses were tricky. I remember getting very close to defeating Psycho Mantis WITHOUT changing the controller slot. (Man I was stubborn, should of used my codec more often. You'd hate me for how I found Meryl's codec number). I remember Sniper Wolf being kinda challenging too.

Day 29 - Which video game character(s) would you be?

Pitt-The campiest of all the hardcore killers!

Day 30-Something Something Something 30 days?

Pokemon and alot of Classic Sonic

I just discovered the debug menu in the 2.0 Version of Sonic the Hedgehog for Android.

Needless to say I'm rolling around Sonic 1 with Fire Shields..which feels all sorts of amazing.
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