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    Shadow Norborn
    war zone

    Shadow became impatient with Kip, so he turned to the rest of the Ruber Tribe, "Ruber Tribe!" he announced loud enough for all to hear, "Retreat! fall back to our Territory" Disaster disengaged with the human he was fighting and took the lead of the retreat, leading any who followed Shadow's order away from the battle and towards home. Shadow and Swordsman took the rear protecting the rest of the tribe from being flanked. Shadow saw Penance and the Gardevoir member of their tribe.

    Shadow ran over to the two pokemon, "Come on you two," he shouted, dodging a variety of attacks from the other tribe and the humans, "we're leaving! This battle is lost, it is far better to live to fight another day than all of us die here." he said, as he returned to his position at the back of the group.
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