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Poke Ball (Common) x1
Pokedex (Uncommon) x1
Super Potion (Uncommon) x4
Potion (Common) x3
Pokemon Center (Uncommon) x1
Defender (Uncommon) x2
Pluspower (Uncommon) x1
Professor Oak (Uncommon) x2
Bill (Common) x3
Lass (RARE) x1
Blaine's Gamble (Common) x1
Blaine's Last Resort (Uncommon) x1
Rocket's Sneak Attack (RARE) x1
Imposter Oak Revenge (Uncommon) x1
Mysterious Fossil (Common) x1
Switch (Common) x2
Gust Of Wind (Common) x2
Recycle (Common) x1
Trash Exchange (Common) x1
Recall (Uncommon) x1
Sleep! (Common) x1
Challenge (Uncommon) x1
Energy Retrieval (Uncommon) x3
Energy Removal (Common) x2
Super Energy Removal (RARE) x1
Energy Search (Common) x2
Maintenance (Uncommon) x1
Gambler (Common) x1

Full Heal Energy (Uncommon) x2
Double Colorless Energy (Uncommon) x2
Water Energy x17
Electric Energy x17
Grass Energy x6
Fire Energy x11
Fighting Energy x13
Psychic Energy x13

Eevee (Common) x1
Eevee - R (Common) x1
Flareon (RARE) x1
Vaporeon (RARE) x1
Dark Jolteon (Uncommon) x1
Dark Flareon (Uncommon) x1
Meowth (Common) x1
Meowth - R (Common) x1
Persian (Uncommon) x1
Lickitung (Uncommon) x1
Pidgey (Common) x2
Pidgeotto (RARE) x1
Spearow (Common) x6
Fearow (Uncommon) x2
Doduo (Common) x2
Dodrio (Uncommon) x1
Kangaskhan (RARE) x1
Porygon (Uncommon) x1
Dratini - R (Common) x1
Dark Dragonair (Uncommon) x1
Dratini (Uncommon) x1
Dragonair (RARE) x1
Snorlax (RARE) x1
Tauros (Uncommon) x1
Hoothoot - 1st Edition (Common) x1
Sentret - 1st Edition (Common) x1
Togepi (Uncommon) x1
Farfetch'd (Uncommon) x3
Jigglypuff (Common) x1
Wigglytuff (RARE) x1
Ditto (RARE) x1
Rattata (Common) x2
Raticate (Uncommon) x1
Lt.Surge's Rattata (Common) x1
Lt.Surge's Raticate (Uncommon) x1
Rattata - R (Common) x1
Dark Raticate (Common) x1
Onix (Common) x1
Onix - 1st Edition (Common) x1
Mankey (Common) x1
Mankey - R (Common) x1
Primeape (Uncommon) x1
Dark Primeape (Uncommon) x1
Gligar - 1st Edition (Common) x1
Sandshrew (Common) x1
Brock's Sandshrew (Common) x1
Sandslash (Uncommon) x1
Rhyhorn (Common) x1
Rhydon (Uncommon) x1
Geodude (Common) x2
Graveler (Uncommon) x1
Graveler (Uncommon) x1
Golem (Uncommon) x1
Machop (Common) x3
Machop - R (Common) x1
Machoke (Uncommon) x2
Dark Machoke (Uncommon) x1
Machamp - 1st Edition (RARE HOLO) x1
Dark Machamp (RARE) x1
Cubone (Common) x1
Marowak (Uncommon) x1
Kabutops (RARE) x1
Diglett (Common) x2
Diglett - R (Common) x1
Dugtrio (RARE) x1
Slowpoke (Common) x1
Slowpoke - R (Common) x1
Slowbro (Uncommon) x1
Drowzee (Common) x1
Drowzee - R (Common) x1
Jynx (Uncommon) x1
Abra (Common) x1
Abra - R (Common) x1
Kadabra (Uncommon) x1
Gastly (Common) x1
Sabrina's Gastly (Common) x1
Haunter (Uncommon) x1
Mewtwo (RARE HOLO) x1
Squirtle (Common) x1
Squiretle - R (Common) x2
Wartortle (Uncommon) x1
Horsea (Common) x1
Seadra (Uncommon) x1
Staryu (Common) x1
Starmie (Common) x1
Krabby (Common) x1
Kingler (Uncommon) x1
Tentacool (Common) x1
Tentacruel (Uncommon) x1
Poliwag (Common) x1
Misty's Poliwag (Common) x1
Poliwhirl (Uncommon) x1
Omanyte (Common) x1
Omanstar (Uncommon) x1
Magikarp (Uncommon) x1
Colyster (Uncommon) x1
Seel (Uncommon) x1
Psyduck (Common) x4
Psyduck - R (Common) x2
Golduck (Uncommon) x1
Goldeen (Common) x2
Seaking (Uncommon) x1
Pikachu (Common) x1
Pikachu (Common) x5
Pikachu (Common) x1
Raichu (RARE) x1
Magnemite (Common) x3
Electabuzz (RARE) x2
Voltorb (Common) x1
Voltrob - R (Common) x1
Dark Electrode (Uncommon) x1
Zapdos (RARE HOLO) x1
Bulbasaur (Common) x2
Ivysaur (Uncommon) x1
Nidoran - Female (Common) x2
Nidorina (Uncommon) x1
Nidoran - Male (Common) x1
Nidorino (Uncommon) x1
Ekans - R (Common) x1
Ekans (Common) x1
Arbok (Uncommon) x1
Exeggcute (Common) x1
Hoppip - 1st Edition (Common) x1
Ledyba - 1st Edition (Common) x1
Spinarak (Common) x1
Tangela (Common) x1
Erika's Tangela (Common) x1
Grimer (Common) x1
Grimer - R (Common) x1
Koffing (Common) x1
Koffing - R (Common) x1
Zubat (Common) x1
Zubat - R (Common) x1
Golbat (Uncommon) x1
Oddish (Common) x1
Oddish - R (Common) x1
Erika's Oddish (Common) x1
Gloom (Uncommon) x1
Vileplume (RARE) x1
Bellsprout (Common) x1
Weepinbell (Uncommon) x1
Venonat (Common) x2
Venomoth (RARE) x1
Paras (Common) x1
Parasect (Uncommon) x1
Caterpie (Common) x1
Metapod (Common) x1
Butterfree (Uncommon) x1
Weedle (Common) x1
Kakuna (Uncommon) x1
Beedrill (RARE) x1
Scyther (RARE HOLO)x1
Pinsir (RARE HOLO)x1
Vulpix (Common) x1
Brock's Vulpix (Common) x1
Ponyta (Common) x3
Ponyta - R (Common) x1
Rapidash (Uncommon) x1
Growlithe (Uncommon) x1
Baline's Growlithe (Uncommon) x1
Arcanine (Uncommon) x1
Charmander (Common) x 3
Charmander - R (Common) x2
Charmeleon (Uncommon) x2
Dark Charizard (RARE) x1
Magmar (Uncommon) x1
Magmar (Uncommon) x2
Cyndaquil (Common) x1


Many thanks!