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    Hey there! Mind if I reserve a spot in the Kingdom of Dragons, as Prince of the royal family?

    Placeholder for the SU.

    FULL NAME: Cyrus Asher Droganni
    AGE: Twenty-One, 21

    ALLEGIANCE: Kingdom of Dragons
    POSITION: Crown Prince
    APPEARANCE: Cyrus had inherited much of his physical appearance from his father. The long, blazing red mane of hair has run through his lineage for generations, and is a sight not often seen outside the royal family. His hair runs past his shoulders to his waist, and he had attempted to pull it back into a ponytail but stray strands always seemed to come loose. He gave up this hopeless quest some time ago. Caressed by his hair is a fair skin, sharp facial features and bright green eyes. The prince stands at the height of 5'9" and weighs around 147 pounds, and his build borders on the smaller, leaner edge. He is fit for stamina and agility, but brute strength is not a trait he possesses.

    The prince wears long dark pants, a knee length black tunic fit with a brown utility belt and his scabbard, black and gold boots, and a loose black undershirt when he is lounging about the palace. When called upon for meetings or when he leaves the walls of the palace he wears a long dark cloak adorned with the red family seal and golden buttons, and elbow length gloves with gold detailing.

    His weapon of choice is a black, silver, and gold detailed sword called Eliath, and it once belonged to his now deceased grandfather. He relies mainly on the power and skill of his beloved Pokémon partner when confronted with danger, but he is not hesitant to step in and fight his own battles. He has been trained by a master in swordsmanship and knows well how to use it properly. He cherishes it, and his Pokémon, dearly.

    HISTORY: Cyrus was born with the rising of the sun. He was often told by his mother, Queen Eliza, that when he opened his eyes for the first time she saw a blazing fire within like the burning orb that hung in the sky. He was a child of dawn, of fire, and of dragons. As the heir to the Kingdom under his father, King Lance Droganni, his birth was celebrated throughout their lands. His people knew who he was before he even took his first steps.

    At a young age, Cyrus knew all too well the perks of being the Crown Prince. Though he preferred to think of them more as unnecessary privileges. Even as a toddler he found ways to skirt around the servants to get his own snack from the kitchens. He neither liked being fussed over nor drawing any more attention to himself than he had already unintentionally accumulated by just being the prince. It wasn't until later that he began to realize that the servants of the palace enjoyed their duties in taking care of him. They were paid well by his father, had fit accommodations in the palace, and some of them eventually became his friends or partners in crime.

    One such friend was Rowen, son to a good friend and ally of his father. The young boy was the only one close enough to his age for Cyrus to consider a true playmate, and he enjoyed the boy's company immensely. They did almost everything together. Play fight with wooden swords, sneak passed the guards to visit the gardens, and listen in on important meetings the King held through thick oak doors. They grew close rather quickly, and Rowen became one of the few people Cyrus trusted with all his heart.

    Cyrus had a particularly close relationship with his mother. Queen Eliza was a kind and caring woman, who always made sure the kingdom and the Pokémon that resided there were well off. She was loved by her people, but most of all by her son. Whenever she had free time she would spend it with the young prince.

    As per tradition for royal heirs, she took Cyrus to the Dragon's Den, where a special breed of golden scaled Dragonair's resided, so that he may find his Pokémon partner. Cyrus found Aurora as a Dratini when she came up to him and touched her forehead to his palm as he reached into the water. At that moment, he knew that he had found his lifetime companion. Aurora was pleased to have the boy, a prince at that, as her partner. Cyrus was glad to have another friend.

    As he grew older, he had more princely duties to attend, combat training to prepare himself for the future, and tutoring on the inner and outer running of the kingdom. As he had his places to be, so did his dear friend Rowan. Still despite the difference in societal status, Cyrus considered Rowen to be like a brother. Things carried on steadily in his life until Queen Eliza lost her life in an unfortunate encounter with a frightened and dangerous Garchomp. After the death of someone so close to him, Cyrus withdrew into himself. He pushed away those closest to him, save for his father, Rowen, and Aurora. They were the only ones he let break down the walls he built up.

    Things began to change. A while after the Queen's death, King Lance remarried to Queen Claire. Cyrus did his best to welcome her into his family, but she seemed neither interested in his approval nor him as a person. She despised the fact that he was to be the King after his father's death, as she believed that any children she bore were the rightful leaders. Queen Claire and Cyrus were, and still are, at odds with one another. He can't see how his father loves her, or trusts her.

    Rowen was assigned as the personal Protector and servant of the Prince, and their relationship with each other became more professional, but he still saw the young knight as his closest friend. Even more now as events begin to unfold.

    SPECIES: Dragonair
    NICKNAME: Aurora
    This Pokémon was born in a lineage of rare golden scaled Dragonairs that, since their discovery, have been intrusted into the care of the royal family of the Kingdom of Dragons.
    They have been the only known of their species to have this strange coloring, and it is believed to be a mutation. The orbs on her tail and neck are a deep red like her eyes, similar to the mother Dragonair she was born to. Typically, the serpentine Pokémon extends about thirteen feet long. Yet the genetics of Aurora have led to a family of shorter creatures averaging ten feet. Despite the differences, she still has the white underbelly coating, small pearly horn protruding her forehead, and white feathered wings resting on either side of her head like a normal Dragonair.

    ESTIMATED LEVEL: Thirty-Six, 36


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