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Hi, I've been enjoying your game a lot!

I just finished Episode 8 and wanted to report a bug I encountered while fighting Bennett.

I don't know if you've already heard about it but I'm telling you just in case.

His Masquerain made the message saying that the script was taking too long and that the game would restart appear several times.

It happened when he was sending Masquerain every time, I had to switch Pokemon and hope that the Masquerain would finally make it's presence known.

And if you let the game be saved after the first error, you're stuck fighting Bennet so I guess you're forced to lose if your team is underleveled.

Oh, and by the way, the update pack for Episode 08 didn't work concerning the freeze with Charlotte, (at least for me) I downloaded and merged it with my Reborn folder before the scene and the game froze anyway.

I had to leave the building and come back, and do it again a bit after because the game also froze when Anna was stopped by Cain while trying to pursue the Doctor and Sirius.
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