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    Full name: Imito Atarashi
    Age: 30
    Allegiance: The Kingdom of Dragons
    Position: Knight

    Imito is tall, maybe 5' 11". He has short, messy blonde hair, as well as having blue eyes. He wears metal armor, though tends to avoid plate mail, preferring lighter armor. He wields a sword and shield in battle, although due to his knight training he is proficient with many of the more common weapons, such as spears and axes. he also prefers not to wear a helmet while in battle, though he realizes the tactical advantage of wearing one. He is usually immaculately clean, as his grandfather always taught him to be neat and tidy.

    History: Raised in the Kingdom of Dragons, Imito has a natural affinity with dragons. His parents were killed when he was a child, and he was raised by his grandfather. When he was 19, his Grandfather, who was a very respected Dragon Tamer, died in his arms. His grandfather's partner, a female Salamance that he had raised from an egg, left the city after her Tamer died, but left behind a single egg. That egg soon hatched into a baby Bagon, which Imito raised, even though he had plenty of trouble just taking care of himself. He began training the baby Bagon using his grandfather's methods, which were centered around bringing about the potential in his Dragon Pokemon, especially at an early age, since Dragon Pokemon develop rather slowly. When Kouryu evolved into Shelgon, Imito was overjoyed. He joined the knights as a source of income and a way to train himself in the ways of combat. Kouryu, still a Shelgon at that point, was always by his side, ready to come to the aid of Imito when he needed it.

    On one particular evening, while out on a training mission for the Knights, Imito was ambushed by a pack of Houndoom while Kouryu was out foraging. He managed to fight some of them off, but was injured by the Alpha male. Kouryu heard the distress and came running, using its Protect technique to ward off the Houndoom, saving Imito's life. It wasn't until Imito was 27 that Kouryu evolved, enabling Imito to join the ranks of Tamers with a fully evolved partner. They ride together , keeping the law upheld In the more distant areas of the Kingdom of Dragons.

    Imito is a captain in the army, and is always aiming to be better. His eventual goal is Commandant, but he realizes that there are many others with this same goal, and he is unlikely to ever achieve that position. Nevertheless, he trains as if the day will come tommorrow, so that he will never be caught off guard.

    Pokémon partner
    Species: Salamance, A.K.A Kouryu
    Appearance: Kouryu is a dark red instead of Salamance's normal blue color, while his wings are blue, which is a result of his mother's mating with a male Charizard. Kouryu also has a saddle, which allows Imito to ride him into combat more easily.
    Estimated level: 50
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