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Just saying i post to agree with anti. Id be willing to help out also.

Also i dislike having to go to another channel/other server.

Maybe im missing something, but why cant the pre teens, tweens etc go to another channel instead of the people who actually battle (see: myself etc) ? The main channel should be for battling and regulars (with which of whom i still havent met one person who wants this rule implemented). If you wanna do some competitive color comparing or professional whining about how oblivious to the far worse content on the internet, like anti said "which is just a few clicks away" or "at your school heard every day in the playground" and how sensitive you are then go to that channel ? Explicit chat doesnt even happen much really lol.

As for the other server, like i said, none of our regulars like the rule. I am under the impression the people who whined to h staff werent even regulars and didnt/dont even battle (please by all means if you are a reg and disagree, post, because currently there is no evidence for this). Sorry, but why should they matter on a battling server ? You already have another server where you can be PG all you like, its called IRC. Use it. I just dont see why we have to pander and cater to some randoms and people who dont battle and come on all of two times anyway, we have the server to be laid back on and that is it.

I know the concern is about harming activity, but this rule is actually harming it and not the oh so explicit chat (which doesnt even happen often, color whining happens more lol). Old school people wont stick around. Infact a few have openly said they will leave if "this stupid rule is gonna stay".

My last point (not naming names) but someone who naively and obnoxiously said, "Does it matter if a few oldies leave if we get double the amount of new people to replace you?". Judging the way the battling community is at the present, i believe you NEED all the help you can get from vets to actually you know, integrate new people into the battling community. Without us (it may be a little selfish and un modest of me) but it will be like the blind leading the blind because no one battles competitively as it is bar certain vets. (Random battles dont count sorry).

Just my thoughts on the matter.

EDIT: Higher staff have always known about how we are so its silly to say this. PPN, BGT, Luke etc have all been and gone on our various servers and have NEVER cared and you know have actually done something for the community battling wise.
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