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Now - if people are getting muted/kicked for things as simple as mentioning relationships or sex or whatever, then that's something I'm not okay with and I feel is way too tight. Like, that shouldn't be happening imo at all. If we can allow threads like this, as a recent example, on the public forums then we can allow it on the server so if someone could provide me of examples where kicks or mutes have gone on for that kind of (honestly, rather mild) thing then I can look more into that and see if it can be changed because I feel it's excessive. However, I've also seen some stuff on the server which wouldn't be okay; stuff like incest, rape, deviance, things like that. That'd not be alright on here and in my eyes it's not alright on the server.
Now, I'm probably going to get run over from this, but I feel that, until now, it has been the fault of h-staff for not properly communicating what you guys find okay and what you guys don't. From what I've been told and from my interpretation of the rule, it seems to imply that anything sex-related is banned from the server, and as such, whenever something sexual DOES get mentioned, we would have to warn repeatedly and follow our standard procedure of muting/banning the person if it does get carried on too far, which is something (I believe) we really don't want to do, especially to our server regulars who, along with our newer members, made the chat what it is currently today.

As I mentioned in my previous post, it's a confusion of "what is okay" and "what isn't okay". But now that you've cleared this up, I understand now, unlike before when it was just a huge mess and we had to just slam everything that was sexual. .___.; But then again...what kind of sexual discussions ARE you guys okay with? That's what I'm confused about, I guess. If there was sexual jokes made on the server, would you mind about that, or does it depend on the joke? I guess there's a lot of things that go into this rule that I want clarified before I can really act upon anything because I want to make sure that I (along with other staff) are enforcing things properly.

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