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    Aurora sighed looking at the remains of her com unit. I had no choice but to smash it, it had a tracker. If they're after the l'Cie...which means us...I can't let them find us. she thought a determined look forming on her face as she looked at the other three. “It looks like were all runaways now,” Ezra said before she heard Daniel laugh and raised an eyebrow.

    "Well theres nothing we can do now except follow your orders huh. Considering you know the most out of all of us, I'll gladly allow you to be the leader." he looked her in the eyes and she just looked back as he continued. "Though I will not mindlessly follow you, I reserve the right to have my own orders."

    "Well, if we are going, then we should be going now. I think the ghasts in here are just mere rumors, anyway." Jericho spoke and Aurora shook her head to see he had taken off a glove and noticed his brand, "Seems like I am really one of you now. I'm digging this brand. This power. I don’t know what this is, but hey. The mark looks cool, and that I’ll probably keep," he said, flexing his hand. Close. Open. Close. Open. "This is cool."

    "We'll figure out more about it as we go, our main goal right now should be making sense of our focus and completing it so we don't become Cie’th" she looked at Jericho as she spoke before turning to Daniel who had started to walk off and followed quickly meeting his pace and catching up to him. "I understand that...but from what my leader said it seems we just might be persona non grata. The Guardian Corps will be after us thinking they are protecting the citizens from us." she clenched her hands into fists. "Even though I'm breaking orders, I'm following what we're supposed to do. Your civilians and it is my duty to do what I can to keep you safe, don't try to deny it hunter just because you haven't lived in any of the towns for years."

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