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    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    haha, thnk you very much for your support ^ ^
    It is very much appreciated!
    I really try to put as much effort and creativity into this as possible, but i must admit i get sidetracked at times...mostly now, since its summer and I have all the time in the world, hahaha
    however, I'm researching in-depth one of the most preliminary breakthroughs in the world of micro-management! Animal Crossing!! haha, I'm enjoying myself once again, as well as learning new tips for making the many little NPC's and sidequests, as well as micro-management town in my own game!
    If you keep a close eye out I'll be finishing a few trainers and trying to tie as many as loose ends as possible!
    as an update, I've decided to scrap the idea to make many legenadaries additional evolutions either for themselves or otherwise, in favor of reducing their stats and making them normal wild pokemon, perhaps as strong as a third evolution, or w/e i see fit
    other than that I have been side tracked by sprites...I call myself an artist but for shame! I am not at all happy with many of my gym leaders and their sprites as well as VS sprites...I may make dummy ones as place holders and move on though, other than that a new release is coming closer and closer! so keep an eye out!
    O trust me my eyes are open lol and i dont blame you for working so hard on the sprites to me that makes the game and as far as ANIMAL CROSSING i have spent a good portion of my childhood on that game and never understood why hahaha but something i have noticed in the demo not sure if i just have an older version or if it was mentioned but if you change your cloths to Gary and use your running shoes you disappear lol Im not great with the whole tech aspect but i can be pretty creative so if i can offer any help on design or ideas i would be more then happy to share my thoughts or even if you have a pokemon you would like to add but not sure what it should look like i could always draft something to maybe help you come up with a final design and look forward to the update(and completed version) lol
    My Support Shout-Outs!!!

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