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I'd also like to point out that while people are bringing up the whole "the topic consists of people whining abut username colors", that (at least in my presence), the topic is actually not that common, at least not as often as people think it is. Does it happen to a point where it's noticeable? Perhaps. However, is it a groundbreaking situation that needs to be dealt with? Not really (at least, not in my perspective).

And usually when it is, it's a topic that goes away fairly easily. I don't see what the problem is bringing up a separate topic to talk about. I just kind of have a problem with this implication that our community is now basically this mix of immature, whiny, color-obsessed children that de-face what S&M "used to be", etc.

Now, I apologize if I'm reading into things too much, or if I'm misinterpreting, but realize that our regulars go to the server for more chatting than battling. That's not to say that they don't battle, they do, it's just significantly less often. Heck, I rarely battle myself. Yes, I take responsibility in that, and that I've not really a huge battler like I used to be. I hope to someday make a team eventually, but I just haven't really got around to that yet.

Regardless, our community is what it is, and I don't see what can be done to really change that unless we get our regulars into battling again. It seems that, in every Commday that I've participated in, our regulars do seem genuinely interested in battles. What makes battles take so long isn't so much the disinterest: It's the inactivity. People aren't active, don't come on in time to complete their matches, and that creates boredom and disinterest.

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