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    Here's an Su that may or may not bore you to death. YIPEEE

    Full name:
    Haru Takenochi


    Kingdom of the Forest

    Other (He runs an apothecary)

    Haru seems very babyish, in physical appearance. His brown eyes shine with innocence of that of a child and baby fat is still present on his face. He stands at 5’2”, which sadly adds to his babyish appearance he has been gifted. Sadly, his voice is oddly deep, so when he opens his mouth to speak, those who don’t know him are taken aback and stare as if burning hell just came out of his mouth. He has messy brown hair is a light brown and his skin is tan from all the hours he spends collecting herbs in order to create medicine.

    Commonly his attire consists of a dark green cloak over his shoulders. This dark green cloak covers a set of light green robes. Under these robes he wears a brown leather tunic. He wears brown leather, buckled, boots and it is rare to see him without a tan leather messenger bag where he keeps herbs and other plants he finds and/or vials filled with medicine he has created.

    From the time when he was seven, he was raised by his grandfather. His mother died during child birth while his father died from an incurable disease he caught. His father was unusually frail, so he often fell to illness. The fact that he caught an incurable disease didn’t surprise his grandfather one bit, but to a seven year old who didn’t have much of an experience with death besides the death of his mother, it was a great shocker. His father’s death, however, gifted him Fiore, his father’s Meganium, who has become one Haru’s greatest companions.

    After his father died, he learned the family craft of medicine making from his grandfather. It wasn’t until two years ago, did he begin to run his family’s world famous apothecary as its owner. His knowledge of plants and his ability to use them to create medicines have been said to be even surpassed his father and grandfather. This combined with his extensive knowledge of diseases and ailments has him elected to assist the effort to fight against Lord Katashi as a medic.

    Pokémon partner
    Meganium (Fiore)

    Unlike other Meganiums, Fiore is taller than average. Instead of the usual 5’11” seen by many of his species, he stands at 6’4”. His eyes are also different from others of his species. Meganiums are usually known for their yellow irises, however, Fiore’s irises are orange. Fiore carries around his own messenger bag in case there isn’t room in Haru’s, which is often occupied by vials of concoctions created from plants and other herbs.

    Estimated level:

    Credits: Deviantart & Watteblume (also from Deviantart.)
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