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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Ash has had a Ghost type in the past though. It may have been unofficial but he has owned a Haunter.

Scraggy is Dark Type.

Honestly I can see Ash catching anything. We've seen him catch Pokemon that go a completely different route than what he usually deals with. They tend to disrespect or just don't listen to him. He eventually wins them over and they start to listen to him or he changes his tactics to fit that one specific Pokemon.

So really with writer's being as enigmatic as they always are I can see Ash with roughly any Pokemon seeing as he can have any Pokemon should the writers want to give him one.
I mostly agree with what Xander said here, Ash did train a Ghost-type at one point (the aforementioned Haunter) but has not yet officially had a Ghost-type as a permanent team member. He also hasn't caught any Psychic or Steel-types yet but remember when the Sinnoh saga gave him his first Dragon-type (Gible) while his hatching of Scraggy in Unova marked the first time he (or in fact, any main character) has owned a Dark-type, and also his capture of Roggenrola marked the first time he officially caught a Rock-type, so there may be a possibility in the X & Y saga that he might eventually own a Pokemon of the types that he hasn't yet owned.

As for types I don't see him catching, I probably guess Ghost since they don't really suit him imo.
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