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New update: Wow this thread has died...

I am now looking for mappers! I seriously need help with those who have the tastes. Here is the spoiler of the position.
Mappers: (Those who can distribute graphical organization towards the production of Pokémon Ambient. The required field must contain skill working with others and artistic ability with mandatory pixel or digital artwork. The organizer needed must contain elements of feng-shui, artistic or inspirational vision, and format design to create lush and colorful environments. These environments are as follows: seafloor, routes, valleys, mountains, volcanoes, deserts, cities, towns, caves, oceans, and more. The final decision of the design will be decided by the Director.)

I have every map already designed, but it is in RBY sprite formats. I will need some mappers help with finding better graphics that we can credit to make the maps a lot nicer also. Unfortunately, still no spriters willing to make tiles for us, but hey we have only just started.

Also click on this photo of Tricott Town to see how the design is looking! =)

I also want to ask everyone's thoughts on Ambient. Is there something that is confusing or could use more work? Is there something that I can do to improve a specific part? I am working on screenshots for the first post which some requested. Comment! =D