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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Very few types change name from Japanese to English and even less completely change meaning. Fairy -> Light is pretty much less than 0% chance of happening. Fairy Breed Group is Fairy Egg Group in Japan. Since Fairy is Fairy, if it became a Type that would carry over to the English titles as Fairy as well.

What ever type we get will most likely be known in Japan and in English by the same thing or if Japanese is different, then the English will translate to the same thing. So what ever Japanese is for Light will be Light if Light appears. Same for Fairy.
Xander's right, most types that have different names between the Japanese and English versions usually have the same meaning, although some people didn't easily catch the "Evil" type becoming Dark and they thought it represented actual darkness but the type itself is actually based around tricks and playing dirty, not to mention there are 3 Dark-type Pokemon families based on criminal stereotypes.

Fairy and Light would definitely not have the same meaning as stated above. I mean, like what Xander stated there, the Fairy egg group kept its Japanese name in the English versions so if Fairy was a type, it would probably be the same.

Originally Posted by MarinoKadame View Post
What I would like is the Elite 4 change their pokemons based on certain actions you do in the game. The first would be your starter, for others we can speculate.
That would seem a bit complex imo, basing teams around stats or certain circumstances might be interesting but it's pretty hard to work out. I always preferred the traditional type specialty since we've had it since the early days of Pokemon.
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