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Cape City

"Hm.. stupid, very stupid, but clever too. Psychics, get him out of here, follow procedure 8." Penance said to Zane, who still clung to the ground after the episode he had with the darkness. His breathing had slowly steadied once more after being harsh and heavy. He observed the Psychics now, as they carried Scar away, wondering what they would do to him, or at least where they would take him. He wondered about Scar at that moment, if he truly was free. He wondered if the next time he would open his eyes, everything would appear to be normal for him, or if it felt like an intense burden had been lifted from his shoulders. Maybe, he wouldn't remember anything at all, as if the entire debacle would have been one bad dream. He wouldn't find out Scar's fate until he was awoken, so for now, he had to concentrate back on his duty.

Blitzkrieg offered Zane his tail to help him up, which Zane gladly accepted, grabbing hold of it and pulling himself to his feet. "That was foolish Vigil, but heroic none the less... but don't do that again, right now is a bad time for solo heroics."

Zane smiled as he replied. "Heh...I was just doing what had to be done. But I'll take your advice next time around."

Penance then began speaking, outlining their next target, and in a sudden realization of what he had been doing prior, Zane remembered that the Inferno was still loose, and from last he checked, ever increasing in power. Without a moments hesitation, he departed, heading back to the original location where he felt the heat emissions emerge from. Zane thought as he ran, wondering if those who fought again the explosive Sentinel were alright. He assumed it was probably a few members of the Gold Tribe, though he wasn't sure which ones they were exactly. All he knew was that it was more than likely that at least one fought. He only hoped they were doing alright. But the following explosion of energy suggested otherwise. He would feel the shockwave to his very bones, and new right away something was amiss. The energy that was released, the fire that was around, both seemed so unnatural. He hadn't felt that level of corrupted energy since...Ignitus in Albia. Zane was fairly certain at that point that the Inferno had gone into the chaos form.

"Damn it," Zane cursed, as he bashed through a pair of Ancients who were in his way, knocking them down to allow a few Alpha Alliance soldiers to jump them and finish the job. Everywhere, the two sides still clashed, with Zane unable to determine which one had the advantage. He doubted himself at that moment, wondering if he had made the wrong call on going to help with Scar, especially when he was much closer to the Inferno. He had left behind others to fight when he might have been of better assistance elsewhere.

But when Zane finally reached the location, he found nothing. No bodies, no witnesses, at least none see saw at that precise moment. All there was, was burned buildings, charred streets, and broken homes. The charred remains of an intense fight was all that remained, and seemingly no one around to filled them in on what happened. That is, until Zane spotted movement in a far pile of rubble. He quickly sprinted over, noting how far away the rubble was towards the centerpoint of the explosion of energy, yet it still was able to cause a significant amount of damage. As he got closer, he recognized the Pokemon as his friend.

"Guardia!" Zane called out, with only minimal reply in terms of movement. He reached the rubble, frantically pulling off pieces of broken buildings and wood. There Guardia lay, injuried fairly seriously, but still alive. She had a few burns here and there, her signs of survival against the Sentinel. "Are you alright? What happened?" Zane asked her, as he pulled her up and helped her onto her feet. Guardia shook a bit at first, having trouble keeping her balance, but managed to eventually remain standing. She recalled what had previously happened.

"The Inferno...he was here, and Prince of Light..." She trailed off in her voice, recalled how the Zoroark Gold Tribe member fell trying to get them a shot at the Inferno. "Then...Hoodhide..." Her voice trailed off once more, this time recalling the last words of Hoodhide.

"You're too valuable. Continue the fight. Honor me."

"Hoodhide..." She whispered again, barely loud enough for Zane to hear, but she didn't need to say anymore before he understood. Zane lowered his head, and closed his eyes as he took a deep breath. It was just as he feared. He had left, gone away to do what had to be done with the Gold Crystal and Scar, and the price was two more of his brothers. He knew at this moment that he should have been here. He should have tried to help them fight off the Inferno. His place should have been by there side. It always should have been. The Gold Tribe were supposed to be a family, a team. Pokemon who always had each others backs, no matter what, and once again, he felt that he failed them.

"All because of this..." Zane said to himself aloud, looking down at the Gold crystal around his neck. " goes beyond that. Where did we go wrong...?"

An explosion sounded off close by. Zane took his gaze off of the crystal, and back onto the battlefield. There would be more time to discuss of what had happened later. For now, he had to bury the pain, and fight on. Cape City still needed to be liberated. Not only for the Alpha Alliance, but for the Gold Tribe. For the Prince of Light, and for Hoodhide.

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