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    MASSIVE update from me.
    I have turned my TCG Challenge into an Ultimate version. For anyone who does not know what an Ultimate Challenge is, it is when you must complete the same challenge on one game set in each region. 1 Kanto game, I Johto game, etc.

    Pokémon Red Update:
    I managed to beat Giovanni, as the final Gym Leader, with a level 34 Apples, a level 38 Spira, a level 44 Sonic, a level 45 Ratty. and a level 48 Burnsy.
    After defeating Giovanni, I boxed Apples, and brought out my level 40 Monk.
    I easily defeated my Rival in Route 22, and continued on to Victory Road.
    Once in Victory Road, I temporarily ignored my goal, to find and kill Moltres, both for the Exp, and for fun.
    Upon reaching the Elite Four, my party's levels were: 54 (Burnsy), 48 (Ratty), 47 (Sonic), 41 (Monk + Spira)
    As I was, I could not even beat Lorelei without using 2 or 3 Max Potions.
    I continued to face Lorelei, and eventually got further and faced Bruno, and Agatha, without the intention of winning, but to train my Pokémon instead. Unfortunately, Burnsy was having to sweep them all on his own when the others fainted rather quickly.
    Due to this, Burnsy quickly became overlevelled, while my other Pokémon were falling behind.
    However, this gave me an idea for my final strategy.
    When I believed I was ready, I bought 5 Revives, and 4 Max Potions.
    Facing Lorelei again, all of my Pokémon fainted, except Burnsy.
    Burnsy managed to finish off Lorelei. He then managed to sweep Bruno, Agatha and Lance, only getting hurt twice.
    Before facing my rival, I revived all of my party members, but left them all on half health.
    I led the way with Burnsy, my overlevelled Charmeleon, and swift care of my rival's first Pokémon, only getting hurt by about 15 HP.
    Due to the rules, I had to switch, so I switched to a Pokémon I did not care about, and used a Max Potion on Burnsy (I know it seems unnecessary, but this was my strategy. Need him at full health just in case)
    When my Pokémon fainted, I swapped back to Burnsy and defeated the next one.
    I continued this until I did not have any Max Potions left, and all that was left were 2 Pokémon of his, and 2 Pokémon of mine.
    Burnsy quickly defeated the next Pokémon, however, my rival's last Pokémon was his most dangerous, Blastoise.
    I didn't feel confident enough that my Charmeleon could defeated Blastoise without getting hit and defeated first.
    I switched in Ratty, my only other Pokémon still alive, and used Super Fang on Blastoise, cutting his HP in half.
    Now I was confident.
    Ratty fainted, and I swiched back in my Burnsy, who finished off the Blastoise with a Slash.

    Hall of Fame
    Charmeleon lvl 84, Burnsy
    Rattata lvl 51, Ratty
    Diglett lvl 49, Sonic
    Machoke lvl 49, Monk
    Dratini lvl 45, Spira

    Pokémon Gold Update:
    Chose Cyndaquil as my starter, didn't nickname him.
    Done story-related stuff until I received my first set of Pokéballs.
    Hacked in a level 4 Charmander as a Wild Pokémon and caught it.
    Released my Cyndaquil.

    Continued onwards, and Charamander, now level 15, soloed Falkner.
    Charmander evolved into Charmeleon after the battle.
    Obtained the Egg.
    Foiled Team Rocket's plan in Slowpoke Well.
    Charmeleon, now level 23, soloed Bugsy with ease.
    Caught a level 11 Rattata in Route 34.
    The Egg hatched into a Togepi. I released it.
    Defeated Whitney with a level 25 Charmeleon, and a level 17 Rattata.

    Bought 1350 Game Corner coins.
    Caught a level 14 Growlithe in Route 37.
    Continued on, and defeated Morty with a level 28 Charmeleon, a level 24 Rattata, and a level 21 Growlithe.

    Went back to Goldenrod, bought more Game Corner coins, and used them to buy a level 10 Dratini.
    Continued onwards, and defeated Chuck with a level 34 Charmeleon, a level 31 Rattata, a level 24 Growlithe, and a level 22 Dratini.
    Healed Ampharos at the lighthouse, so I could face Jasmine.
    Defeated Jasmine with a level 34 Charmeleon, a level 32 Rattata, a level 24 Growlithe, and a level 23 Dratini.
    Caught a level 14 Machop at Mount Mortar.

    Foiled Team Rocket's plan in Mahogany Town.
    Defeated Pryce with a level 35 Charmeleon, a level 33 Rattata, a level 26 Growlithe, a level 27 Dratini, and a level 26 Machop.
    Foiled Team Rocket's plan in Goldenrod Radio Tower.
    Made my way to Blackthorn City, fought Clair, and lost.
    Trained a little and fought her again. Lost again. Repeatedly.
    Trained a lot more, until I was confident I could beat her. Machop evolved while training.
    Finally defeated Clair with a level 45 Charmeleon, a level 42 Rattata, a level 35 Dratini, a level 32 Machoke, and a level 31 Growlithe.


    Charmeleon lvl 46

    Rattata lvl 42
    Super Fang
    Quick Attack
    Hyper Fang

    Dratini lvl 36 (w/ Quick Claw)
    Dragon Rage

    Machoke lvl 32
    Low Kick
    Seismic Toss
    Focus Energy
    Karate Chop

    Growlithe lvl 31
    Take Down
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