Thread: [Gen V] My Trick Room Team
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Semi-correct in singles, liable to get you killed in VGC doubles. Two at max and even then it's a bit iffy.

Have you thought about using Metagross? It's faster than most of your team sure, but it's usually slower than most of your opponent's team. Useful at absorbing dragon and ice attacks, and usually bulky enough to absorb just about everything else twice.

Brave Metagross @ Occa Berry/Normal Gem
EV: 252 HP|252 Att|4 Def
~ Meteor Mash
~ Bullet Punch
~ Earthquake / Explosion
~ Protect / Explosion

Normal Gem is a bit weird yeah, but if you can predict when an opponent WON'T use Protect or Wide Guard, you can possibly take out 2 Pokemon at once. Risky, but it's hard for the opponent to recover if you protect correctly.
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