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Originally Posted by ™87 View Post
From what I've read, rumor has it that the Elite Four will be based on stats rather than type. So their team would consist of Pokemon with high attacking, or high speed, and so on.

What do you guys think? I think it'd be a nice change, a little more strategic. I wish it would be more competitive with a well rounded team with more predicting. They are the Elite Four after all, they should be the toughest challenge in the game, and not just because of level or Pokemon you can't get before you face them.
That rumor is old, and it was debunked as fake by the person who spread the rumor. That being said, I prefer mono-type teams for Elite 4 members over stat-based teams since it's a tradition. I still wish we have a new set of rumors rather than hearing the same rumors we've heard before.
And Mercy too.
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