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    i'm sorry but this whole discussion is pretty hilarious, i'm aware that pc's generally a safer place on the internet for a 11-14 y/o kid than most forums and i agree the innuendo is kind of stupid when it displaces battling entirely, but the fact that people are trying to censor that as if one of the new users [apparently a lot of them participate anyways] don't know what sex is or are getting emotionally scarred by the discussion. still it's a shame that a forum rebellion has incited from this whole incident and that people are legitimately furious like john c. calhoun circa 1849.

    And usually when it is, it's a topic that goes away fairly easily. I don't see what the problem is bringing up a separate topic to talk about. I just kind of have a problem with this implication that our community is now basically this mix of immature, whiny, color-obsessed children that de-face what S&M "used to be", etc.

    So yeah this basically sums up my thoughts about what's going on, it seems like there's some sort of pride in not conforming to the smogon metagames like ou and playing like pu lc triple randbats valentines style now, i mean i dont think anyone ladders at all, most battling communities developed from a community of people actually battling and actively trying to get better on the ladders, pc's is really now just a remnant of what used to be with a bunch of kids sitting on the server, i realize this is extremely pessimistic and critical but it's basically the truth. there's a point where you have to decide if youre all actually a battling community or just a glorified social irc using a pokemon sim to chat on

    o well :/


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