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I'm pretty much ignoring the whole appropriateness discussion now because what's been said from multiple people regarding it becoming more relaxed has already been stated =P

As much as this whole situation sucks, creating another server for us that actually want to discuss battling/actually battle seems like the best solution right now. Trying to force the entire server to change/force them out because they don't want to battle isn't the smartest thing. The server itself is more active that it has ever been, so trying to force a change that the majority of people there don't want isn't going to end well. Yes, it's a shame honestly, but it's the best course of action. If we can't do it, and we're stuck just creating another lobby on the server, I'd at least support giving Anti some sort of authority on the server. If he's going to be the one facilitating this, he can't really do that well from a position of non-auth.

As far as people being concerned about it's activity, it's the same thing as when the Shoddy server got started: bringing it from the ground up. Obviously it wouldn't have PC as a platform to advertise it, but that doesn't mean we can't draw people who actually want to learn and discuss battling over to try and help them. I mean we have myself, Elf, Anti, Aero, Pokedra, Nica, and maybe a few others (didn't include you Karp because you're pretty much never on =P). That's at least a decent basis for it. Plus out of everyone we're pretty likely to be the most helpful when it comes to actually helping new members out.

Which leads me to my next point that's been brought up: the environment and attitude of what the new server would be. There's been concern over this new server becoming what S&M's environment was back in 2007/2008: a flamefest and a craphole. I'm pretty sure I can speak for everyone that would want to be involved with this would never want to let this happen. That environment doesn't foster a good community (while it may have been active then, it was extremely low quality), especially for what we're going for. None of us degrade people for trying to learn and not being the best at battling either. If anyone, if someone is actually interested and one of us is around, all we want to do is facilitate it because we want people to battle. Pretty much I see the environment of this being laid back like the late Shoddy/PO days were, not some 2007 craphole.

I guess I don't see why people are against it. The main server stays, a new one that isn't directly affiliated with PC is created for those who want to battle, which has a relaxed environment. It's pretty much a win-win for everyone, as no one is having change shoved down their throat for something that they don't have any interest it.
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