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Originally Posted by nakagg View Post
I noticed something weird, well since it's a demo.

The "female" character is a costume? "Dad" and "Mom" still call me son. Also the running sprites for her is the surfing sprites.

The "Gary" costume running sprite is invisible ninja walking.
sorry to you and any other female players, but the story primarily revolves around the player being a male. I have created a semi-solution to the problem by creating a female costume; with this I have relieved myself of the unnecessary task of creating male and female variations of many costumes, as i will be implementing many many costumes for the player throughout the story. However, for female players, they will be able to still have female costumes as i will create a few (though quite a sizable amount less) female costumes, but there will still be love for the female players, don't worry.
I am trying to say that despite the player being a male, if you are a female player, you too will have variations of your player
however, the player will be seen as cross-dressing, and still be referred to as a male
I apologize for any graphical errors regarding the player, I am still implementing costumes, and there are a few errors
I hope this clears up everything you may have been unsure about!
a reminder, there will be many costumes, and they will not be accessible from the start, as a beta bonus, you will be allowed to equip any costume I have created as of late, however, once the game has taken off and is close to completion, I will be restricting all costumes to male, female, and gold at the start, the others must be earned through side quests, and plot development (note that there will be costumes for the present as well as the future, however they can not be interchanged entirely, as you cannot wear some costumes due to graphical changes or time line differences; the past will only have the one costume)

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