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Originally Posted by Jake♫ View Post
long post im proud of you son
I don't know if you're disagreeing with my proposal or misunderstanding it in this way: I definitely want it to be affiliated with PC. Just like the old one was. It should be linked to in the S&M main forum so that new users and randoms at least know where our battlers are, while the current server can be linked to...somewhere else. Or alternatively link to both with the current one being "PC Chatroom" or something and the new one being "PC Battle Server." We need PC so that the server can grow since yeah, I do anticipate that it would be a little bit starved for activity at first. Not something we can't handle (also my impression is that our battling regs are actually motivated unlike uhhh the last half of my here here before leaving lol) but we can't just expect people to find such a server if it were basically "underground" which is weird for me to think of.

(I also hate the idea that the battling community has become so marginal that it would resort to lack of affiliation just to have a place to gather...I mean that's kinda sad when you think about it.)

And just for clarification (since this did "come out of" the pg13 thing even if I mostly used it as a pretense to whine about the current state of the server lol) we would indeed be more laid back about all that though I do want to mirror what Wolf said on the server which was basically that Mature Room is the Immature Room. If we're going to have a server that is more substance-driven, some of the more out there stuff I would expect to be supplanted by, well, substance, as sex tends to drive down the quality of the chat. I think I'm still scarred from my last year on PO.

It won't be a flamefest. That hasn't really been a problem in a few years now and it's time to move on. I wouldn't mind seeing some of the rougher S&M culture returning though as long as the foundation of respect is was honestly more fun that way and people who can't deal with some light jabs at one another probably aren't cut out for competitive battling anyway.

...If we even get a server.

Originally Posted by Fire Flyy View Post
So yeah this basically sums up my thoughts about what's going on, it seems like there's some sort of pride in not conforming to the smogon metagames like ou and playing like pu lc triple randbats valentines style now, i mean i dont think anyone ladders at all, most battling communities developed from a community of people actually battling and actively trying to get better on the ladders, pc's is really now just a remnant of what used to be with a bunch of kids sitting on the server, i realize this is extremely pessimistic and critical but it's basically the truth. there's a point where you have to decide if youre all actually a battling community or just a glorified social irc using a pokemon sim to chat on
I suspect that we would play Smogon metagames on a new server since everyone likes UU and a different metagame is impractical due to a small playerbase and no laddering potential. (I know you weren't addressing what I'm speaking to but I'm just using what you said to bring that up.) Also just going to say that your last sentence is pretty much right on.

Originally Posted by Wolf
Just do it. I am not stopping it.
Definitely read my bit about the affiliation above. Curious where you stand on that (in favor of/opposed/"wait and see"/other)

Also it would be magnificent if we got a stable host for the server as the current one has now...
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