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1. How many times do you think you've had it?
Countless. I honestly have no idea, over these years... Several hundred at least? Only with a single digit number of people though. And I remember each one of them and how they were, because except for once, I've only had sex with boyfriends or people that I really liked.

2. What age did you lose your virginity, providing you have lost it?
I was 18. I'd wanted to lose it a bit earlier, tbh, I did have boyfriends before that and all. 15 is the legal age here. I just didn't feel like I wanted to, until I realized that I was 18 already and most of my friends already had, and so I agreed to do it with the new boyfriend I was with back then. Like Gavin said, it's probably most often meh the first time.

3. Have you done the dirty deed with guys and girls?
Guys only. And I'm not gay, I'm a girl. I've made out with girls many times though, eheh. But generally, I so prefer guys and would not want to "do the dirty deed" with a girl.
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