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Way back in Pokemon Blue I got the idea of training a Rhyhorn, so I went to Cerulean Cave (since it's the best training spot) and leveled it up. Mostly I withdrew him, since his level was so low, except for Chansey (since it's easy to beat with physical attacks and brings a ton of EXP). Everytime a Chansey appeared, I left him out to finish it of.

After a while I got stuck in another battle with a Chansey, which had used Minimize. I wanted to check Rhyhorns stats and went into the menu. After I checked how much EXP he needed I returned to the battle and found myself in some weird graphical glitch:

The sprites of Rhyhorn and the minimized Chansey had switched places and the "enemy Rhyhorn's" sprite was glitched. I got scared and switched out for Blastoise but the enemy sprite kept unchanged, so I fled from the battle.

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