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    My First RP (Well if I'm accepted)
    Name: Steel Senpai

    Age: 16

    Steel is 5"4 and tanned in complexion and has silver hair, with a low fringe covering one eye, dark eyes.
    He rarely smiles, but when he does he wears a small smile, barely a half-smile.
    He always looks like he can see right through you, girls would go crazy for him at home, but he would never take notice.

    He always wears demin jeans, held up with a plain leather belt that has six clips for pokeballs, and a small pocket for money.
    He always wears his plain white t-shirt, over his shirt he wears a plain, black, leather jacket with no logo's or imprints on it.
    He also always wears his leather cow boy boots, he also carries a black backpack with a book on medical herbs and berries.

    Personality: Steel is calm and calculated who views his journey as a way of making friends, as well as a way to traverse the region.
    He dosn't know much about pokemon but he is willing to make new friends.
    He tends to think quickly, if he knows what has to be done he will do it ASAP.
    He isn't really flirtatious type.

    Steel was born in the Kanto Region, Safron City to be exact, he then moved to the Novia Region on his fifteenth birthday, he moved to Coriolis Town
    where he lived until he thought that going on a journey would be a good idea.
    Steel has always prefered to be in the heat of the action instead of on the sidelines, his father is a powerful trainer from Unova while his mother is from Kanto.
    Steel used to despise his dad for leaving him with his mother at the age of six, but after learning about his father who came back to them, Steel forgave him, now
    Steel wants to become stronger and beat his father in a pokemon battle.

    Chosen Starter: Aurora (Vanilite) (Female) (Ice Body) - Ice Shard, Harden, Mist, Water Pulse

    Personality: Aurora is sassy and easy to anger but calm most of the time. S
    he despises fighting and fire types and refuses to fight along side their kind, but other than that she is a loyal friend and a hard worker
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