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    All ready Pre ordered my ps4. Even if the places in england have it currently priced at 599.99. I know the price will drop.

    I'm still undecided on the new controller. I am so used to the current one as we have had it for so long. Its like when i swap from playing my ps3 to playing on my xbox. Its wierd and takes a while to adjust. Even when I move from playing Block ops 2 on ps3 to xbox even though its the same game its still weird. Will say the lights on the controller and the share function is great for me. Always enjoy sharing things like call of duty gameplay when I do some good games.

    Not really going to judge the console as a whole yet as I haven't looked much into it. realy should do some research on the features it has to offer.

    Really hoping they don't add anything for pre owned games. That right now is the thing I am looking at the most. If they add something to stop pre owned games i will more than likely cancel my pre order as I mainly buy pre owned games.
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