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Narr Effeld, Goblin Hunter

Narr placed his elbows on the table and smiled brightly, following the movements of the others as they sat at the table. He gave an acknowledging nod to the Umbran known as Abraham Soule, and clapped his hands along as the nameless human bard performed his own piece. Along with the others in the tavern, Narr applauded his performance. "Well sung, friend." Narr told the human, giving him an encouraging smile. The older Musus, looking around the table at the others, and believing everyone who was supposed to had arrived, she proceeded to explain as the reason why they were gathered in the small tavern, in the small town.

Narr leaned into his chair as he listened silently but excitedly as she first remarked upon the gathered. She addressed Narr first, to which Narr nodded in reply to her question. Adventure was his calling, though the payment certainly didn't hurt either. He made occasional glances around the bar as she addressed the others, before she returned to the topic at hand: the goblins. It was interesting that they were acting up in recent times, but Narr didn't care enough to pay it too much mind. Whether they were simply hungry themselves and thus needed food, or they were acting under the direction of someone or something else, that much didn't matter. What mattered was they had become enough of a problem to others that he was hired, which meant as of now, Narr was now a goblin hunter.

When the old Musus asked if the they needed anything in particular, the hooded individual asked for any additional supplies they could have, or perhaps some more information. Narr didn't see the point. The mission was simple enough. Go to the goblin caves, and stop them from performing another attack. Of course, to Narr, that meant only one thing: wipe out all of them.

Narr stood up, looking at the Musus with a smile. "I think I'm all set. Just point us to the caves, and we'll take care of the rest! Come on, no sense waiting for them to kill you all and burn your village to the ground!" He said, both eagerly and nonchalantly, not paying any mind to the words that come out of his mouth, even if they seemed a bit insensitive.

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